Reason’s to hire a Professional Installer?

Not all of us are confident or competent enough to install what we want in our homes to the right standard of finish. It takes year of training and experience to become an expert floor installer, tiler or carpet layer.

So, browse online or come in store to find your perfect flooring or carpeting. Then book our installation team, so you can relax, get on with your life, and let us do the hard work!

We offer:

Flooring installation, including hardwood, laminate, and vinyl

Carpet laying, including wall to wall

Floor tile laying, and wall tiling for bathrooms, laundry rooms, showers and more

1. Better Installation- Improve efficiency with proper installation.

  • Using an expert to install your flooring, tile or carpet means your install is completed quickly and efficiently, so your time can be better spent at alternate task or simply relaxing.

  • Having an installer complete the work maximizes efficiency. Trust our installers to save valuable time! Installing is what we have been trained to do.

  • You wouldn’t let someone who knows nothing about cars install your carburetor, so don’t let someone who knows nothing about flooring and tile complete your installation!

Installer setting tile on a wall using a laser level and spacers
Installer setting tile on a wall using a laser level and spacers

2. Project Management- We Manage, You Enjoy or detailed schedule, effective planning

  • Our team at Innovative Flooring & Home Design will save you the hassles and stress of ensuring you have what you need for an installation to be done properly in the least amount of time.
  • We look after your project from start to finish. We plan and follow the steps we know we need to complete to get the install done in the least amount of time, but with the most careful attention to detail.
  • Careful planning and consideration of ways to use the least amount of product saves you money overall. We know patterns and we know tile. We plan to save you time and money.

3. Accountable – We’ll give you peace of mind; trust us!

  • We aren’t perfect, but we want to be. You can trust us to give you the quote, the materials list and the timing we require to complete the job.
  • Careful planning and attention to detail means we seldom make an error; however, if we make the error, it is our problem to fix. We are accountable: trust us to get the job done well the first time.

  • Save the stress that comes from worrying about the install from start to finish. The experts will do it right the first time.

Installer applying Tile adhesive to a floor
Installer stapeling a stair runner carpet to a staircase

4. Satisfaction Guaranteed – We take pride in our work.

  • We want our clients to love our installations.  We ask our clients to review our work upon completion because your feedback matters to us.

  • We guarantee our work. Our installers’ commit to doing their best work, each and every job.
  • It’s not just a job to us – it’s our trade and our pride. If you aren’t satisfied with our work, we will meet with you to find out why and to see what can be fixed.  Our goal is your satisfaction.