Illuminate Your Life With New Lighting

Our In-Style Lighting showroom has a wide selection of lighting on display, so you can look, feel, and experience the effect of new lighting in full. Our Lighting and Ceiling Fan Division is proud to supply quality, on trend products that are both affordable and obtainable!  We have what you need and what you want! Let us help you brighten up your kitchen, office, living room and more.  Shop Now. Shop Online.

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We have what you need: wall scones, wall lights, wall lamps, lighting for furniture, vanities, and cabinets, and the latest trends for every room in the house including track and pendant lighting, and recessed spot lights. (What else do we have?)
Contemporary lighting fixtures project sleek, simple and clean looks. They have patterns, shapes and curves. Traditional lighting fixtures showcase more elaborate design and look. We have both designs on display and in our catalogue. There are many shapes, colours, finishes and sizes to choose from.
You can. Often, adding a piece of modern art work can help to tie in the traditional pieces of furniture and modern or contemporary lighting. A vintage cabinet, for example, with contemporary lighting and a modern piece of art can tie the styles together.
Let our interior designer assist! The benefit of one showroom that contains paint, carpet, tile, cabinetry and accessories, is that you can pull your look together without leaving our store. If you still aren’t sure, our designer will come to you. If you aren’t ready to renovate, but ouniirr want a new light to freshen up a tired space, we have what you need! Let our experts brighten your day and your home! We will help you select a light and finish that will work for you.