Make a statement. Compliment your luxurious home carpeting or flooring with one of our many elegant area rugs. We have stunning designs sculptured to suite the rug’s piles and fibres. Treat yourself to an area rug for a renovation, to brighten up a tired space, or simply to add design and colour to an area. Our IFhd team is ready to assist and help you select what works best for you and your family’s lifestyle.

Make a statement and enhance your luxurious home carpeting or flooring with a statement area rug. We have a wide range of designer rugs for your bedroom, living room and even your dining area.
In additional to complimenting your existing decor and pulling together all the elements in a room, an area rug has practical uses as well: use a statement area rug for noise reduction, comfort, and warmth. While the appearance is of paramount importance, it’s been said that an area rug produces a feeling of being grounded. Someone who practices “feng shui” or a similar belief, may tell you that an area rug intercepts the energy flowing through a space and slows it down, providing a calming effect. An area rug will pull all of the elements in your room and anchor a space. Come into our Exeter location and engage in a discussion of the benefits!
Be sure to bring the measurements of your room, colour swatches, if available, and a photo of the room layout is beneficial, as well. Consider the size of the area, the number and size of the furniture pieces, and the colours in the area. We have such a vast selection, we are confident we can find the most suitable statement area rug for your special space.
We have many area rugs on display in our Exeter location, but come in and see as we have so many sizes, shapes and designs, we will find what works best for you. If you are renovating and choose to work with our designer, we will pull all of your pieces together in our spectacular Exeter showroom – we have all you need in one location.

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